Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Nov. 4th 2008, One year later: The Beautiful Dream becomes Stark Reality

President Obama in the Oval Office
Source: White House Museum Online

November 4th, 2008
: The Beautiful Dream
The US Democratic Party Candidate Senator Barack Obama achieved one of the most amazing feats in history. He won the US Presidential race becoming the first African-American President of the United States.

It is hard to believe that that was actually one year ago.

November 4th, 2009: The Stark Reality
President Obama is now firmly at the helm of affairs yet he is facing many obstacles in his way:
  • Dealing with the grave impact of the sub-prime mortgage crisis on the US economy
  • A health-care reform bill for universal health coverage that has been far from being universally accepted
  • Tough decisions to make concerning American troop numbers in Afghanistan
  • The War in Iraq and looming questions
  • Two gubernatorial races in the states of Virginia and New Jersey have just been won by the opposition Republicans
Beautiful dreams may have given way to harsh realities but the chapter has not ended. Despite skepticism and cynicism, I still believe that President Obama will pull through and live up to many expectations.


Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

I hope he pulls through, Abena. The problems are many and there are those who are bent on distracting him as Jimmy Carter said.

patrick said...

President Obama is doin a fine job,his administration has really done a very good job stabilizing the Mad ass depression.Most of the jobs lost are not coming back period.By the way the growth numbers that America has enjoyed for the past decades is history,China and bric nations have taken a bite out of that power it sad but that is Americas reality.I live hare and i am seeing some shit that shows the decline of this great county.Republian party is a a dead party ,even the Democrat party too.peace.

Nita said...

a yer already? My, how time flies, I hope all goes well for President Obama..

Abena Serwaa said...

@N-FA: I'm still rooting for Prez Obama. It does seem that he is giving way to some distractions/detractors.

@Patrick: glad to hear a perspective from America that says that he is doing a fine job stabilizing the economy. I did hear on the BBC that there was growth for the first time this year but at the same time too many people seem to be shouting differently.

@Nita: This year has indeed gone really fast!! Hard to believe.

novisi said...

those who are using the recent wins by the republicans as a measure of Obama's performance might as well go for the loss Obama suffered in rooting for Chicago to host 2016 Olympics! yeah!

as for me i'm still following all the drama as much as i can! i have hopes for Obama too but i try to put that aside, cos like they say, agoro ne fem (play is the ground, lol).

already tension among the powers, Russia, US etc has calmed enough compared to the Bush days and that's significant! we can take it from there!

I'm following the domestic Health care tussle too. and signs so far suggest it's gonna go tru. I wait to see what ripple effects it would have on the rest of the world.

Time would tell!!!

Abena Serwaa said...

Hey Novisi, Almost forgot to add the Chicago 2016 Olympics ;)
It does look like the health bill has finally sailed thru!