Thursday, July 02, 2009

'Celebrating' 49 years of the Republic of Ghana???

Yesterday marked 49 years since Ghana was declared a Republic. This public holiday is what we call "Republic Day" in Ghana. Was it really Republic Day yesterday? It passed by so subtly, so quietly and it almost went by un-noticed. Why would that be?:
  • 49 is a strange odd number...not quite 50 years so it hard to be over-joyed just yet
  • Public holidays in the middle of the week (Wednesday) are strange things. They make you think the day after (Thursday) is Monday and the day after that (Friday) is Tuesday. You also think that the day before the holiday (Tuesday ) was last week Friday..Completely disorienting

The main Ghanaian newspaper the Daily Graphic chose to celebrate the day with a picture of the first President of Ghana Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and the great Muhammad Ali. The caption said something like: Ghana became a Republic on 1 July 1960 paving the way for visits by important personalities from across the world. Something like that. Since Muhammad Ali only came to Ghana in 1964 I was a little perplexed about his connection with Republic Day. Besides, I'm sure he did not count the fact that Ghana was a republic among his reasons for visiting.....or did he???

Republic Day 2009 started out full of hope for me. During the BBC Network Africa show between 6:30am and 7:00am, I was quite proud when they played the beautiful In Ghana by Rocky Dawuni. I love that song. Afterwards, I hoped the the good people at the BBC would mention that Republic Day was being celebrated in Ghana but alas I was disappointed...

In Ghana by Rocky Dawuni from 1998. I never tire from posting this video on my blog!

The rest of Republic Day was completely mundane. I drove around town later in the morning and found no signs of life or any indications of any 'Republic Day' fiestas. Alas, the only jamborees being celebrated were a football match and 2 years of the radio station Oman 107.1 FM. This particular show was broadcast all night on Net2 television station. Thrills.

Later in the evening, the Republic Day boredom almost killed me and I settled down to watch Weeds Season 2 on DVD. How I got through Weeds Season 1 is still a mystery to me. In case you have never had the pleasure of watching Weeds, it is an American TV series about a middle-class suburban soccer mum who loses her husband and somehow decides to sell marijuana to make ends meet. As I said how I got through Season 1 is still a mystery to me. Weeds Season 2 episode 2 got my attention through. The protagonist ends up at a weird convention where marijuana is being tested and sold. There is sweet reggae music being played in the background by a live reggae artist who is none other than Ghana's own ROCKY DAWUNI! In case there were any doubts, his name was emblazoned across the back of the stage. So my Republic Day celebration came full circle. It started off with that great Ghanaian patriot Rocky Dawuni and when I was just about to give up, Rocky came back to me again...thru Weeds. It was definitely a sign!


Anonymous said...

I love that song In Ghana! Awesome awesome song. Rocky actually performed at my school once but I didnt get to see him :(

Anywho, I had no idea Wednesday was a holiday. Has it always been celebrated?

And about WEEDS, I've never actually gotten to see it because I dont have Showtime...I think (although I should have it considering all the money I'm paying for cable!)

Abena said...

Hey Anonymous,
Can listen to In Ghana over and over again. Rocky performed at your school and you missed it?! That's kinda sad.
Yes, I believe it has been a holiday for a while although last year I was out of Ghana so missed all the fun.

As for Weeds, sad to say bit I don't think you are missing much.

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

Love your commentary Abena. I took the day to visit my mum and to see to one or two things at home...Later I passed by Accra Mall on my way to Spintex and the women...I tried hard not to look but my magnetic eyes feasted a bit and when it was satisfied reclined into its socket...

Have not watched WEEDS but I love Rocky's songs. They are inspiring...

Abena said...

Hey Nana, Nice of you to take the day to visit your mum!! Going to Accra Mall on a holiday sounds like a scary thing to do...all the people traffic. I hope the fine women were worth it ;)
Don't mean to be a Weed(s) killer but that is one show I find hard to recommend...the Rocky appearance was the best thing I have seen so far!