Tuesday, June 02, 2009

When work attacks the Chronic Work-Avoider!

I have been busy lately. So busy that I've actually had limited time to do what I do best i.e. avoid work. Deadlines are coming and going, the scary query emails are coming in and I'm high on coffee most of the time.

Anyway, here are some of the warning signs that I may be getting caught beneath the (work) landslide:

1. The cluttered desk: this is a classic one. The sure sign that one cannot cope anymore. I sorted out my desk on Sunday afternoon and today it still looks like it has been hit by a bomb blast. *Yikes*

2.The dirty car: when leaving your car outside in the rain over the weekend is the only time you have to get it washed, this can hardly be a good sign! In fact, I probably should not publish such dodginess on the net.

3. The re-emergence of the uni-brow: I naturally possess eye-brows a la Oscar the Grouch (from Sesame Street). I absolutely hate this so any salon that does eye-brow waxing is my favorite place. Let's just say I'm past due an appointment with the waxer.

4. The deluded multi-tasker: Believing you are a great multi-tasker while losing the ability to complete tasks, sentences or trains of thought is usually a sign that things are not well.
5. Traffic Panic: At long last the highly anticipated Legon to Tetteh Quarshie Interchange road has been opened. What someone forgot to tell me was that this new road would mean that my commute would be extended by a whole precious 30 minutes! Arghh! So, I've had to use a new alternative route that is still 15 minutes longer than the old route. Time for a little road-rage.

6. "Did I leave the Iron on?": For years I have troubled and perplexed with this question. This same question has sent me from Manhattan back to Queens, Finsbury Park back to Stamford Hill and I have only been right 1 out of 50 times. During times of stress the question pops into my head more frequently.

7. Coffee High: Much to my mum's chagrin, I'm generally high on coffee most of the time. The problem with my drug of choice is that I have reached tolerance levels. Normal doses are not having an effect and I have to increase my dose amount and frequency.

8. Avoiding calls: phone screening - sometimes you just don't wanna be bothered or couldn't be bothered to hear from some people. Alas, I've become that person that avoids calls...I think Phone and Go Seek is quite a Ghanaian phenomenon acutally.

9. Concern from the Night men: When the night shift security guards at work flag you down and ask if you have a life...you know you should be scared. Very scared!

10. Crash and Burn: Finally when you can't cope with all the deadlines, you just curl up in a ball. Saturday morning rain provided the perfect excuse to avoid work. I just took one look at the rain, stayed in bed all day watching episodes of Supernatural Season 4. Nothing beats watching the courageous Winchester brothers battling demons while bingeing on Golden Tree chocolate. Of course I failed to see the irony in watching the Winchesters chasing demons when I had my own demons to attack. Mmmm don't you just love the Winchesters???

Okay, I think I'm showing signs of some sort of burn out.


Kwegyirba Aggrey-Orleans said...

Hahaha! You had me going with the Oscar bit! My mum used to tell me that if I continue frowning I would look like him! Memories!
Behaviour that is rewared is repeated. If you function best under pressure, I say go for it!

novisi said...

interesting Abena,

but you know?

you could actually be enjoying all the 'symptoms of the attack' too. the traffic, the 'bombed' desk, the eyebrow, o how i love i brows - a pic would do. then there is the show of concern from the night men!

just enjoy them while they last! it won't be too long and that's the interesting bit too.

soon comes the sunshine! *smile*

Abena said...

*LOL* Kwegyirba, I'm glad I wasn't the only one Oscared.You are absolutely right, I do function best under extreme pressure and just have to embrace it!

Abena said...

Hahaha! Thanks Novisi...I'm try to enjoy it all...as for the pictures...trust me, they are too scary!

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Abena! How are you? been a while! Have plenty of stories from you to read--cannot wait!

Abena said...

Hey Emmanuel, Indeed it has been a while...in fact, fieldwork outside of Accra is making me neglect my blog and life in general! How sad is that...Hope all is well with ya..