Thursday, June 04, 2009

Remembering June 4th: The Day that Shook Ghana and China

June 4 1979: GHANA

Source: Citifmonline

Today marks 30 years since that fateful day when a group of junior officers of the Ghanaian army staged a bloody coup to overthrow the military regime of Lieutenant General Fred Akuffo and install Flight Lieutenant Jerry John Rawlings as leader of the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (AFRC). This single event was extremely pivotal in shaping Ghana's destiny through the 1980s to the present. Its impact is probably one of the most debated issues among contemporary Ghanaian intellectuals, historians, politicians and of course radio commentators.

June 4 1989: CHINA

Today also
marks 20 years since the Chinese government clamped down on popular protests that had been staged in Tiananmen Square, Beiijing in what is sometimes referred to as the Tiananmen Square Massacre. On June 4 1989, Soldiers broke up protests which eventually resulted in the deaths of between 200 and 10,000 demonstrators as well as soldiers. To this day, the exact number of people killed remains unknown. This event shook the world and had a grave impact on Chinese relations with the rest of the world for many years to come.


patrick said...

I think i was 17 or 18yrs living in the barrios of a very poor side of town call Pig Farm there comes JJ and the june 4th incident me including all the young peoples in mine barrios were all gun hoe about a change,calling for blood to flow ete you name it.But something happened to me that changed mine thinkin and i decided not to be part of that maddness the funny thing it was all within a year of june 4th..That was when i saw an old lady in my hood canned by some kid soldiers from Gondar barracks who came very every week to cane men and women for what i had no idea,this lady's only offense was for sellin yellow corn kenkey over the price..Do any of you know what yellow is..chicken were lucky even if got that.... The one who made out very well in the madness is the leader and founder and a small click of so call revolutionaries men ,must feel good to finally be able to educate your kids in the best schools in the world...Hmmmmm....peace y'all...

Bradpetehoops said...

Nice information blog! Have a nice day.

Abena said...

Very interesting perspective Patrick. There is something sad about revolutionary movements across the globe; eventually reason and rationality give way to mass hysteria. On another note, apparently Mr. Rawlings was in full effect yesterday opposite Flagstaff House celebrating/commemorating June 4th.

Abena said...

Thanks Bradpetehoops, have a nice day too!

novisi said...

nice! i love the 'incidental' Tiananmen Square as well! i actually spent nights watching documentaries on this occurrence!

as for Ghana June 4, i find it very interesting! some say it was a revolution. others say no. i don't get the point!

i believe for the sake of nailing Jesus Christ on the cross, be it true that it ever did happen or not, something significant did occur in this country Ghana on the 4th of June 1979. period!

lessons learnt? lessons not learnt? another story! but whatever has happened afterwards cannot by any measure take away the underlining factors, peoples quest for justice, accountability etc., that led to June 4.

as for stories of violations of human rights as being told by patrick and so on as a reason to write off June 4, i believe is neither here nor there! these are things just happen! they will happen today if another revolt occurs. in fact they are happening. it did happen during the 2008 elections. Must that take away from the core principles that underline a happening? i bet no!

yes, yes, we should do self examinations and reflect on lives and limbs that were lost. but such actions must not blind us into thinking that there are no causes and effects!

then there is the classic story of Rawlings. Again, June 4 happened for a reason at least! that reason is not and cannot be Rawlings. so there must not be any fixation about the man Rawlings no matter what questions he has to answer (and i believe he has questions to answer).

i find it absurd especially that some claim Rawlings betrayed them. i wonder; don't people have conscience of their own??? did people believe in the principles of June 4th (which principles are age-old, older than June 4) or did they just bank their hopes and aspirations on the mortal Rawlings????

it is very interesting! i believe June 4 was bound to happen just as my day of death would come! we must learn lessons and move on as a people. else another like June 4 would occur. perhaps even worse!

world war I and world war II are marked! aint they? did people not benefit from these wars??? did people not suffer from these wars??? must we not learn lessons from these wars???

meanwhile, Iran and North Korea are busy testing the pulses of the world right???

choooo boi!

Abena said...

Thanks Novisi, as usual, always interesting to get your perspective. With June 4 and any historical event, it is always so easy for later generations to judge them critically with hindsight 20/20 of course .Perhaps events such as these are part of our collective learning experience as human beings that violence in any form can never be the answer for any situation(?)

The Invisible Man said...

To outsiders Rawlings would forever be remembered as the one who paved the way for Ghana's present day success in Africa..
Akwaba! (is that how you say it?) Greetings

Abena said...

Thanks Invisible Man....indeed the awe of the Rawlings persona is undeniable. He is charismatic and sometimes a little enigmatic. Of course the major paradox is that Rawlings is associated with paving the way for Ghana's success in Africa and also associated with impeding Ghana's progress by toppling a democratically elected government on December 31st 1981..

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