Sunday, September 20, 2015

Back in the B.A.D: Some impressions

Greetings from the Beacon of African Democracy where the sun is shining and there is a cool breeze blowing. I have been busy telling anyone that would listen that the weather is much cooler than the sweltering heat I experienced in Washington DC and to a lesser extent in New York City just a few weeks ago. Things in the B.A.D seem to be progressing. We just experienced a 36 hour power outage and it is generally hard to work out what exactly the loadshedding schedule is as it all appears to be random.

I've been here for a few weeks now and here are some pictures of my impressions.

1. New structures, new views
View from the new Tetteh Quarshie Interchange footbridge. Seems that when it comes to infrastructure, Ghana and Accra are slowly progressing...Shame we can't eat roads, power our houses with them or drink them.

2. To bleach or not to bleach.....

Beautiful Africa with beautiful people with silky, sun-kissed skin that they are proud of. Well, billboards in Accra will tell you otherwise. On a little walk to Accra Mall, we spied billboards very close to each other advertising tantalizing skin lightening products. Interestingly, one advert uses the irony-soaked hashtag entitled #Loveyourself. Perhaps the irony is lost. Well, unless they are actually saying that us with dark skin cannot possibly love ourselves. Very sad.

3. Street names are upon us

Lovely to see that the Accra Metropolitan Assembly has finally rolled out street names. Only problem is that our street name is not the one we thought we had. Also, our street name does not tally with Google Maps. Does that matter?

4. Election Fever that came and went

The non-partisan partisan District Assembly Elections were upon us a few weeks ago. To be frank, I do not know the issues or candidates in my area. I did check out some nifty posters though. On election day, I was hit by the bitter realization that I was extremely old. This was after I ran into one of the [hanging out-sitting-on-the-curb-with-his-boys back in day] area boys. He wildly called to me from across the street to go and vote. The amazing thing was that he was one of the candidates running for a seat in the Accra Metropolitan Assembly. I guess no one knows the area like an area boy. Alas, I had to signal to him that I am am not on the new voter's register...Sigh.

Still on the elections, I found this intriguing flyer at home. It urged voters to vote for "a woman" in the election. I understand the spirit given that there are very few women represented in politics. I may be taking the intended message out of context but seeing it as it is, I am just wondering whether competence of every female candidate is assumed?

5. Of half-wits and idiots
Sadly, some people are still idiots. A few days after I arrived, some half-wit chained their bike to a tree outside our gate on our property. I left a note threatening to dispose the bike. They took the bike at the end of the day and tossed the note. I am now in possession of a needle to provide a slow, memorable bike puncture next time they decide to use our flower bed as a parking facility.  If this is your bike, be warned. 

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