Sunday, November 10, 2013

VickyLeaks: Late-Breaking Entry into the Ghanaian Political Lexicon for the Aspiring Politician

VickyLeaks*: the unguarded and candid views of a politician that echo the sentiments of many politicians worldwide. These views are a reflection of a desire to use political office for personal monetary aggrandizement as well as to have power and influence over other people. These sentiments are not fit for public consumption since a wholly naive electorate would prefer to believe that politicians are there for the masses and not for their own personal gain. Ramblings expressed in VickyLeaks also recognize who the de facto political  power-brokers are and also how a failure to recognize these may lead to one's political downfall. Vickyleaks can also include seemingly damaging revelations about landmark judicial processes. However, these may be hard to substantiate and are likely to be downplayed by the powers that be.

As an aspiring politician, you may have your own personal agenda which is in direct contrast to the public persona you present. Most successful politicians know that under no circumstances should a dubious private persona that demonstrates complete self-interest in motivating your desire for political office be made public. To preserve your altruistic public persona, every politician should behave like they are a member of the Barksdale crew and McNulty is listening in on their conversations. A certain level of paranoia will go a long way in the quest to be a successful politician.
The Wire: One of the greatest tv series ever with good lessons on how one's dubious intentions caught on tape can be your downfall. Source:

*The term "VickyLeaks" in relation to Ghanaian politics, was first seen via social media


Jerome said...

A rare glimpse into the secret life of politicians. The funny thing is it's just like how I imagined.

Abena Serwaa said...

@Jerome: you could not have stated it better! Similar to what I imagined but not this darn petty and blatantly self-serving