Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Celebrating Ghana @55

Today marks 55 years since the wonderful country I call home became a reality. The journey has not been easy, the journey has not been smooth. Along the way there have been victories and triumphs alongside potholes and pitfalls. Yet through it all, we still forge on and remain united as one people. After all, we are all bound together by a common past, present and destiny. 

I make no apologies for posting In Ghana  by Rocky Dawuni on my blog for what may seem like the 100th time. I love the way it captures the spirit of being Ghanaian with such joy, fervor and excitement. Plus the impromptu interactive video with beach scenes of late 90s Ghana are just classic. 

Happy Independence Day to All Ghanaians.

In Ghana - Rocky Dawuni (1998). 
[Opening lyrics borrowed from Museke.com]

"Time now for jubilation
Oh God I wish I had an answer
Cause in sweet love our spirits will grow
We are sitting down to life's every rhythm
And then behind the walls the smiling sun stalls
The people all know the reason why we still grow
So brothers be jamming
Yes be jamming
We'll be jamming till they are hiding away
Oppressor man running 
Whiles we're jumping
We will all be jamming today..."