Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gay Relief from the Woyome heat (wave)

Contrary to what most people believe, African leaders love gay people. In recent times, the African politician has come to realise that no single issue can galvanize and unite the citizenry across the usual divides than calls for gay rights. Lets face it; there are quite a lot of issues causing friction, heat and tension across the continent right now. Aside from ongoing violent conflicts, there are several instances where the masses are growing increasing discontent with their governments.

There are the events in Senegal with a populace irate at the prospect of President Wade heading for another term in office.
Shocking scenes of violence in Dakar following a court's ruling that President Wade
is eligible to run for a 3rd term
Source: cnn.com
There is the increasingly agitated populace in Nigeria refusing to accept excuses from their leaders. In Uganda the opposition has been busy organizing a series of rallies that have left the government seriously unimpressed.

In Ghana we have Woyomegate. This may seem trivial in  comparison to other serious problems across the contient but since the beginning of the year, no other issue has dominated Ghanaian media more than the so-called Woyome saga. Everyday serial callers all over the nation call into radio stations stating their opinions on the saga.  Many of us have actually given up trying to understand the intricacies and it is all panning out to be a political soap opera of costly proportions. Everyone appears to be taking the heat for the Woyome debacle but the greatest toll so far has been on the present administration. 

UN Secretary-general Mr. Ban Ki-Moon
Source: bbc.co.uk
So it must have been with much delight that the UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon's call to African leaders to respect gay rights hit the headlines. In my mind's eye I saw government communication teams across the continent jumping for joy since the perfect distraction had just been gift-wrapped and presented to them.

Therefore, I was not too surprised to see that the President of Ghana has already responded to the secretary-general's call equivocally stating that Ghana will not be forced to legalize homosexuality despite pressure from the international community. He was also sure to  reaffirm the government’s position on the issue. Whether there has been relief from the heat of the Woyome saga only time, and the tone of serial callers' calls tomorrow, will tell. 


Lady Jaye said...

I would hijack your post with all the reasons why I am loathe the UN and think it is a useless figurehead organization, but it's right there.

Useless people who don't know how to do anything. I don't understand how they actually think making calls like this which cause backward old people in power to become more firmly entrenched in their outdated positions help any. Le sigh - and the roller coaster starts all over again.

Abena Serwaa said...

@Lady Jaye, thanks for stopping by! To me the UN is not perfect but is better than nothing at all. I am torn between believing Ban Ki-Moon did not really think through this call and also believing that he felt that not saying anything was equal to complicity. Having said that though, his call fell on deaf eyes. Indeed, the roller coaster stars all over again.

Think-About-It said...

I really must be missing something.
The UN is asking that we respect human rights including the rights of homosexuals.
That is very different from "legalize same-sex marriage".

Someone tell me the link that I'm missing.

Abena Serwaa said...

@Think-About-It thanks for you comment. I also understood the UN call to be for human rights but judging by posting like this article I read on Peace FM recently http://news.peacefmonline.com/features/201202/92769.php , people don't equate gay rights to human rights.

Also some appear to feel that allowing gay rights in Ghana will somehow contribute towards the extinction of the human race either through the wrath of God or lack of procreation.