Saturday, September 10, 2011

Wikileaks: Late-Breaking Entry to the Ghanaian Political Lexicon for the Aspiring Politician

Wikileaks are definitely the cables that keep on giving. For almost a year now, the leaked confidential memos from the United States diplomatic missions abroad have caused an uproar in the world at large. 

For the past week, the latest revelations from Wikileaks have been subject for discussion on Ghanaian radio, television and printed media. Wikileaks has definitely proved it merits an entry in the Ghanaian Political Lexicon for the Aspiring Politician:

Wikileaks Cables: Revelations based on suppositions, rumors, opinions provided by local politicians, security experts and seasoned journalists to US embassy officials and compiled in cables sent back to the US State Department. Given their source, these cables are likely to be consumed wholesale by the Ghanaian public so it imperative that the aspiring politician uses them to their advantage. It is important that the politician quotes from and uses all cables that indict your political opponent while ignoring or downplaying any cables that are detrimental to your own party.

The Wikileaks fiasco in Ghana has come with some interesting questions:

  • How much time can Ghanaians spend discussing issues that may not have any factual basis and will not create jobs, bring down inflation or reduce utility prices?
  • What does the way in which the cables were compiled say about the startling trust and affection public officials/politicians may have for foreign partners/donors with whom they share their opinions freely and without hesitation or discretion?
  • What do the Wikileaks revelations around the world say about how the public personas presented by politicians/political players contradict or contrast private personas?

Food for thought. 


Think-About-It said...

The world needed WikiLeaks and it has been delivering too. Too bad its wings have been clipped a bit.

I'm glad that more Ghana-related cables are coming out and I'm OK with the discussion. The masses hardly get details of dealings between the west & our leaders.

Most of all, thank goodness the homophobic fog dissappeared.

Abena Serwaa said...

@Think-about-It I have mixed feelings about Wikileaks and its methods but at the same time,I feel the revelations are important. However, I am a bit worried that alot of the cables detail observations, suppositions and perceptions and may lack a factual basis.

BTW, don't be too sure that the homophobic fog has disappeared. It will be back. Its like comfort food to Ghanaians.

Sam said...

Nice new entry. Keep them coming!

Abena Serwaa said...

Thanks Sam!!