Saturday, April 02, 2011

Four girls and a mouse in a Dutch Apartment with Pre-fab Walls

I have relocated yet again. I'm back in the Netherlands but this time I'm no longer staying in the centre of town but in a large complex on the border of two municipalities. Being on the border means that you get to be close to open fields and what resembles farmland on one side of a road and biotechnology companies on the other. A little strange.

Until this morning I was one of the stars of a popular hit series Four girls and a mouse in a Dutch Apartment. This was the long-anticipated sequel to last autumn's unforgettable hit series Three Guys and a Girl in a Dutch House with Steep Stairs

Well, the series lost one of the main characters this morning. The intrepid and fear-inducing mouse was finally caught. For the past 2 months, our rodent resident has ensured screams and cringing throughout the apartment. The various traps littered around did not seem to have made a difference. But in the end, our friend found himself stuck in a trail of glue.
So back to the  housing complex. Its a massive place housing countless numbers of students that one never sees.  I heard from someone that it is all pre-fabricated buildings that were situated in Northern Holland and transported to South Holland en masse. The veracity of that story is yet to be confirmed. So this is where I will be over the coming months. I'll be observing Ghana from afar and adjusting to that thing I call 'Dutch living'.


Ghana_Hall_of_Shame said...

This could be the title of a hit show.
BTW, the mouse just had to be a "he". right? lol
So.... which of the 4 ladies got rid of the mouse-and-trap?
Enjoy your stay out there in country-ville.

Abena Serwaa said...

@GHOS Thanks! Really trying to enjoy my stay. Lol....Funny how the mouse was a "he"...I didn't even realise I did that. I guess we have been calling it a "him" for 2 months now..In the end, it was the intrepid Ghanaian who disposed of the mouse and trap. *Gross*

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

enjoy your stay. looking forward to more Dutch-o-Ghanaian postings.

Abena Serwaa said...

Thanks NFA!! Have been following you from NL as well :)