Friday, February 05, 2010

Kofi Kingston; the Jamaican Wrestler from.... Ghana?

 Jamaica's own son Kofi Kingston in a rich display of national colours

Back in 2008, the BBC featured the fascinating story of Kofi Kingston; a professional wrestler claiming to be the first Jamaican wrestler with the multi-million dollar franchise the  World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

To be frank, I have not watched the WWE since it was the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) before those pesky legal problems with the other WWF (World Wildlife Fund for Nature). Back in those days, the hottest wrestlers on the bill were The Undertaker, Bret 'Hitman' Hart and Shawn Michaels! Nevertheless, I was impressed that there was  some young Caribbean representation in this eerily popular franchise. But...
  • Apparently Kofi Kingston spoke with the worst Jamaican accent known to man
  • Kofi's real name is Kofi Sarkodie-Mensah which sounds mysteriously like he was born on a Friday and hails straight from the hinterlands of Ghana
  • Although  a large number of Jamaicans can trace their ancestry directly to Ghana, Kofi Kingston looks uncannily like dozens of Ghanaian guys I know or see on the streets of Accra  EVERYDAY!
  • Kofi's mum was head of the Ghanaian-American Association and she claimed that Kofi was born in Ghana and not Jamaica.
So it appeared that poor Kofi Kingston was facing a cringe-worthy corporate-fueled identity crisis! Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I randomly tuned into the WWE on that new TV station eTV Ghana. Just as I was about to hop to another channel I heard: 

"...hailing from Ghana, West Africa...Kofi Kingston!"

What? What happened to Trenchtown? What happened to the land of Bob Marley and reggae? According to the good people at Wikipedia, Kofi Kingston has been billed as coming from Ghana since October 2009.

So what brought about this change? 'Change' may just be the key word. Could the ephemeral spotlight shone on Ghana by  the Obama family visit in July 2009 have had a ripple effect? Very possible.

Speaking of change, since the whole Jamaica facade has  been dropped, isn't Kofi in need of a new ring name:

"Kofi Accra" ?
"Kofi Tamale" ?
"Kofi Kumasi" ?
"Kofi Koforidua" ?
 "Kofi Kintampo" ?

I like the sound of Kofi Kintampo!

Those finely-toned buttocks could only be of Ghanaian origin!
Source: wikipedia


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I gotta agree about the finely-toned buttocks...

Daixy said...

I don't know at what point in time it became an embarassment to be Ghanaian. It's the quick turnaround that's got me flumoxed. Ever since the last world cup, the international light's been shining on us and it's suddenly the fashion to be Ghanaian again. Now other african nationalities (i'll keep names to myself) are trying to be us. Go to busy internet. You 'll see what I mean. It didn't hurt us any thatwe found oil, had Obama visit us and had a peaceful election process that the international community hailed.

I agree about the sculpted buttocks... and goodness those powerful thigh muscles! I wonder how much of that is steroid induced though? Not the buttocks....that's all Ghanaian :P

rebelryter said...

identity crisis. i believe that the boy is ethnically challenged.

Nel said...

Great post, everyone should be proud of where they come from, but nearly everything about WWE is fake so maybe he just wanted to fit in ;-/

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Maybe Blogger Denise's post on July 14, 2008 was read by one of his posse:

B.O.N.T.I said...

Abby what happened to "I am busy no blogging"


anyway if he doesnt want to REP* GH its his own problem

Nana said...

Lol! I was mildly amused when I initially heard this story and also dissapointed that a Ghanaian would 'deny' his Ghanaian heritage. I had a smilar feeling when I watched CNNN last week. There is a NASA scientist (cannot remember his name and cannot be bothered to google him now) who hails from the Volta region, has the thickest Ghanaian accent ever and was describing himself as 'American of Ghanaian heritage'. Now if he had described himself as an American citizen of Ghanaian origins I wouldn't have had too much of an issue with that...

Nana Yaa Boatemaa said...

Hmmm, this is all interesting and funny. I'd never heard of this guy until I read your post. With regard to the name change. I like the sound of Kofi Kintampo!

Maya Mame said...

Kofi Kintampo sounds great (although Kofi Kwasea may be more appropriate for trying to hide his Ghanaian roots, but who am I to playa-hate).

Loving the photo caption, it was impossible to ignore those sculpted buttocks after reading that!

Mike said...

Kofi Kintampo paaa? Oh guys, be nice. The economy is rough & the man has a village to feed.
I plead for pardon on his behalf bcos I've denied Ghana in the past. In those heated moments when saying I'm from Ghana would elicit more questions (including "Guyana?") and more long-talk than necessary.

JuaNita said...

loool I heard about him during the earlier parts of last year. I reckon the Jamaicans didin't want him..lool Kofi kintampo!
@Maya hahaaaaaaa Kofi Kwasea

Abena Serwaa said...

@Anonymous,Daixy, Maya Mame; Those sculptured buttocks are REALLY hard to overlook! An elderly Cuban woman I once worked with once told me how much admired those famed West African buttocks!

@Daixy; It is interesting how suddenly its 'in' to be Ghanaian. Growing up in Southern Africa in the 80s/90s it was so not cool to be Ghanaian.

@Rebelryter: Ethnically challenged. I like that!

@Nel: LOL, I think he fits right in at the WWE where the only things that aren't fake are the buckets of millions Vince McMahon makes every year.

@Nana Yaw: Just read Denise's post. Excellent piece. I would think his posse are too busy flexing somewhere!

@Bonti, As soon as I hit the post button I knew YOU would be all over my matter! Still v. busy.

@Nana; *LOL* You had me in stitches! I just had to google the NASA scientist and found him on Wikipedia. Someone has to work on his Wiki page.

@Nana Yaa: Glad to hear you like Kofi Kintampo too! I'm already hearing the announcer saying it with the American accent and all.

@Maya Mame; *Hehehehe* You're right Kofi Kwasea sounds even better and has an undeniable ring of truth!

@Mike: You denied Ghana? I'm shocked! Hopefully you don't deny our great land these days even when our infamous heaps of rubbish are shown on TV in some far off land? Hehehe!

@JuaNita; You maybe on to something here...May be the name change was precipitated by rejection from his Jamaican brother and sisters!

Daixy said...

I've always been Ghanaian, accent or no accent and will always be as such. No matter where I end up, I'll always know where home is and come back. I have dealt with the crazy questions like where's Ghana? What country is africa in? So how'd you get here? You come in a boat? I've also been told, (not asked) That I come from Guyana. Sure it's annoying to have to explain...but meanwhle, I get to enjoy the fact that I have more culture than those people do, that I come from a place where family is important (or at least used to be). We had a good hing going for us and I think it's time we took a hard look at the adinkra "Sankofa".

So it's in to be Ghanaian eh? Ah well, even if we fall out of fashion once more, I'll still be my unusual self and wear last season's couture :P

Mike said...

I know. (head hanging)
Always loved Ghana but had to do that on occassion so my food wouldnt get cold.

Denise said...

Abena, for the record we do have finely toned buttocks in Jamaica too! How about Kofi Impostor? Or perhaps a local Twi or Ga word that means impostor?
Also have to say thanks to Nana Yaw for linking this to my post :-)

novisi said...

i saw this guy recently 'beaten' and it was hilarious.

but he's a cool chap. i have not problem with his 'adopted image'- that's his personal choice and i respect it!!!

Abena Serwaa said...

@Daixy; Good for you!

@Mike: hopefully those were dark days in the past!

@Denise: great piece on Kofi Kingston! I concede, sculptured buttocks cannot only be found in GH! Mmmm that would make for an interesting study. "Global trends in finely-toned buttocks". I guess it is also a matter of perspective.

@Novisi: nice to have you back in the blogosphere! You are right that he had ever right to deny his origin....he gotta eat too but I was just pointing out how ludicrous this denial was and how equally ludicrous it is that he is now from Ghana, West Africa.