Friday, January 08, 2010

Third World Living: Mesmerized by Roadworks Part 2

I have always been excited by make-over programmes. You know the type with the sad-looking,  dowdy, badly-dressed person in a pathetic "Before" shot who is magically transformed into a happy-looking fabulous person in a glossy "After" shot. So when road work started on our street back in August 2009, I longed for that beautiful "After" shot. It was not meant to be. Instead, the road was left half-done, half-baked and  fully shoddy. Voila:

 Our Street: The Before Shot 

Suddenly, around New Year's, we heard the rumble of engines outside. Lo and behold, we were about to ring in the New Year with our road *finally* complete! 

Alas, it was too good to be true. Instead of re-doing the tarred and making a uniform road, the good 'ol contractor was sure to just tar the un-tarred portion leaving the road still very shoddy.

 Our Street: The After Shot 

It has been a week and there's no sign of the road contractor. Apparently, a crew was supposed to sweep the road to make it look slightly presentable. However, a tractor and some equipment were abandoned on the street. Maybe I should hot-wire them and use the tractor to sweep our very dusty street myself!


Nana Yaa Boatemaa said...

LOL and boo to the contractor in the same breath. When I picked you up for the beach, I assumed they were merely being considerate of the residents. It never occurred to me they would leave it in that condition. Let's hope you get your "after" soon.

Abena Serwaa said...

@Nana Yaa *Lol* They came to take away their tractor on Friday so I think 'This is it'. Looks like there will be no glamorous aftershot...somehow I'm not surprised!