Monday, November 30, 2009

Celebrating 10 years of (the other) Nana Kwaku Duah

Otumfuo Osei Tutu II swearing the oath of allegiance to Asanteman [Ashanti nation] in 1999
Source: A Handbook on Asante Culture (Coverpicture) by Mr. Osei Kwadwo.

In 1999, Nana Kwaku Duah ascended the Golden Stool as the 16th Asantehene (King of the Asantes/Ashantis) taking the title Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II. Earlier this year, the 10th anniversary of  the event was celebrated with great pomp and pageantry in Kumasi. Interestingly, it was also in 1999 that a young fresh-faced Nana Kwaku Okyere Duah burst onto the Ghanaian music scene with his debut album Philomena. This other Nana Kwaku Duah took the title 'TicTac'. 

The young TicTac on the Philomena cover sleeve

TicTac's Philomena holds a special place in my heart because it was the first hiplife (highlife + hiphop) album I  bought. Correct me if I'm wrong but the  title track, Philomena (featuring Obrafuor and Nana Quame) is about a girl with excess body hair in need of an appointment with a Gillette razor (?). Hmmm, despite the allure of this song, my personal favorite from the album was the second track K.K.B.K featuring Daasebre Gyamena.

So why am I waxing lyrical about TicTac? Well, this past Saturday I randomly turned on snoozy afternoon TV and happened to catch TicTac's new video Bosoe featuring KeyNote of Nigeria. Although I'm not familiar with the collective works of Mr. KeyNote, I must say I was quite impressed by this English, Twi and Yoruba infused track. 
Above: Bosoe TicTac Featuring KeyNote
TicTac has lost the baggy clothes in favour of more trendy threads. Love the hair too. 

Not only has TicTac managed to stand the test of time but he has also survived the  crisis facing the hiplife industry. Well, I'm not sure about the exact details of this crisis but if you have heard Obour's great song The Game featuring Ritchie and Okyeame Kwame, then you will know that the hiplife industry is (apparently) in dire straits. I should add that not all are inclined to agree but that is another matter.  Anyway, back to TicTac, over the years, this talented, hardworking young man has been quite busy. He has been featured on MTV Base,  has matured lyrically (thank goodness) and has even advertised phonecards targetting Ghanaians in the diaspora!  TicTac has also collaborated with other artistes such as  Obrafuor, Nana Quame, Daasebre Gyamena, (Batman) Samini , D'Banj, Tony Tetuila and of course KeyNote with the end products being some pretty infectious tracks. By the way, I just noticed that singer Nana Quame has completely slipped off the radar. Does anyone know where he is?

Anyway, my sincerest congratulations to (the other) Nana Kwaku Duah  for 10 years years in the Ghanaian music industry and proving that no matter how high he goes he will never fall because he is indeed the son of..... a kangaroo. 


Mike said...

I'd have been totally lost if I had to guess Tic Tac's real name. Nana Kwaku Duah sounds.... strong. I like the Bosoe video.

Sankofa said...

Great post! I love Tic Tac even though Sarkodie has usurped him as number one in my heart. He's still going strong and I think he did a lot for the promotion of hiplife beyond Ghana.

Abena Serwaa said...

@Mike; Nana Kwaku Duah definitely sounds stronger and more serious than 'Tic Tac'. Still really digging the video...on heavy rotation on Metro TV these days. Maybe I'm imagining it but the video vixens in the later scenes seem a little older than other ladies shakin their butts in other videos. Mmmm...maturity all round.

@Sankofa: You're right...Sarkodie is quite irresistible. Obrafuor still tops my fave list but Tic Tac cannot be overlooked for his 'service' to hiplife!