Sunday, September 27, 2009

Giving Thanks on a Blogoversary!

September 24th marks one year of my blog! Well, to be honest, I started this blog in 2005 under the name “Procrastinator's Paradise”. Sadly, I abandoned it only after a couple of posts and someone stole my name!!!

Exactly one year ago, a harrowing stressor made me hit a very low point and *strangely* blogging was a real cathartic release. So in celebration of one year blogging I will like to give thanks to so many who have inspired. Thanks go out to:

  • The two unnamed people whose cruelty and self-centeredness combined with my own naivety taught me a bitter life-lesson and provided the spark that got me blogging to cope with the utter shock of being played. Interestingly, I have never blogged about these playas since the topic of self-absorbed unfeeling vain bastards has not come up yet.....*yet*.
  • My friend C who first introduced me to blogging but seems to have abandoned her blog featuring fascinating musings out of Atlanta, Georgia
  • The wonderful people blogging out of Ghana who have taught me about the fascinating, cerebral, diverse individuals in Ghana. Especially my fellow bloggers over at Of course a special mention to the indomitable EK Bensah who first introduced me to the group and featured me in the Sunday World. Thanks to my fellow bloggers for providing me with endless hours of procrastination with their entertaining posts and challenging comments.
  • The Ghana Police Service for providing protection to our great nation and for providing ample blogging fodder from our numerous interactions
  • My family, especially my mother who prompts me to lie when she calls me and asks "I hope you are not blogging" when I am.
  • My friends for encouraging me to blog especially El even though he thinks I'm crazy for putting a picture of my street on the internet.
  • My beloved Ghana for providing too many situations that prompt laughter, thought, frustration and the need for commentary.
A special thanks to all those who read my ramblings, you are truly appreciated!


posekyere said...

Congrtas, Nanahemaa!
I am one of those who are into your blog.
Continue to keep us addicted to the irresistible charm of your beautiful writing.
As for the playas, remember they will get what they deserve.
Bless you, A.B.E.N.A.

Mike said...

Congratulations! I enjoy visiting your blog.
Have the police stopped by with cake to congratulate you yet?

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

Congrats, Abena. You know won't be the same without you! I'll be reading as avidly for the next year.

Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

Abena--congrats! thanks for the mention; I had forgotten abt the Sunday World thingy;-)

As regards your mum, I'm laughing 'cos my Mum's the same. She's on yahoo almost 24/7 and gets updates of my blog through, which is a yahoo service. Anytime I tell her I was really busy, she sniggers "how come your blog update popped up at 2.46pm? How busy were you then?" ;-))


Abena said...

Posekyere, Mike, Nana Yaw and EK, thanks for all your lovely comments and encouragement!

@Posekyere: Indeed, I have no doubt that what goes around comes around for them playas!

@Mike: Hehehehe! Still waiting for the police to come round and give me something small ;) Do you do the Ghana Hall of Shame? Fabulous stuff.. Unfortunately, I do have a couple of entries for ya!

@Nana Yaw: *LOL* would definitely not be same without YOU!

@EK: *LOL* Fortunately my Mum is not on email that often!

Edward of PathGhana said...

Hip hip hip, Huurrraaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! 3 happy cheers for the Procrastinator!!

Mike said...

Abena, still working that Ghana Hall of Shame. Your encounters are always welcome.

MIghTy African said...

congrats o!!!!

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

congrats...and I hope no matter how 'tight' you become, you would still be able to engineer some time to blog. I love your blog.

Sankofa said...

Congrats! I hope to read another year of your stories.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations girl!

Love your blog- especially the ones about good ol Ghana Police.

novisi said...

o yeah!

now i feel you transmitting some energy to me!

congrats congrats congrats!

hip hip hip!

Abena said...

Thanks Novisi! You are one person who has made blogging extremely interesting for me :)