Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lead me not into (Kelewele) Temptation

One of my first postings for the blogosphere was a treatise on the effects of high carbohydrate lunches on the productivity of the average Ghanaian worker. *Sigh* since then, I have been facing an up-hill battle trying to find the best lunch options besides wonderful fermented (sleep-inducing) delights.The final solution was to start bringing my own lunch. This seemed to work really well but then I found that lunch moved from 12:30pm to 11:30am so by 3pm, the pangs of hunger started a-calling.

Enter my latest bad habit: the introduction of the "afternoon snack" which consists of all sorts of mouth-watering numbers that defeat the whole purpose of skipping high carb lunches!! One such delight is Kelewele. If you have never had Kelewele than you know not what you miss!

Definition of Kelewele : small cubes of plantain, smothered in salt and spices (ginger, pepper etc) and then fried in hot oil. Best eaten accompanied by groundnuts (peanuts).

Some of the best kelewele in Accra is available at Labone Junction but fortunately (or unfortunately?) I just found a place really close to work to feed my insatiable afternoon cravings. *Yummy*. Well, my ever-expanding waist-line may beg to differ.


Evil Calorific Bad Foods 1: Abena 0
Delicious Kelewele, have you ever noticed the weird things "fast-food" is wrapped in? The wrapping shown above was an application letter...This clearly did not reach the intended destination..mmm....Or did it?


Kwegyirba Aggrey-Orleans said...

Abena I'm with you. That food is evil. Deliciously evil. But I'm addicted. I can imagine sinking my teeth into flavoursome juicy bits of plantain right now... I'ma get me some!

Maya Mame said...

Abena, I live by Labone Coffee shop junction so you can just imagine the state of my waist line when I am in Ghana! And the worst part is, I don't even walk to my kelewele, I drive!

And why is it one always eats earlier when eating a packed lunch? I used to have that problem too.

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

Didn't know how much I miss your blog until this...thanks. Hmmm Kelewele is tasty but with my size I am not scared of putting on weight.

Nana Yaw Asiedu said...

And was I thinking the allure of Kelewele was in the fact that we did not have it everyday ;-)

Abena said...

@Kwegyriba: *LOL* Deliciously evil is so I hope you got some last night:)

@Maya Mame: That is soo funny!! I can totally relate!

@Nana Fredua-Agyeman: Thanks, that was sweet of you.With my size I am scared about putting on MORE weight.

Abena said...

@Nana Yaw: *Hehehe* So true of most things...but having kelewele daily is still alluring enough to me (unfortunately)!

posekyere said...

Kelewele addiction. Big time.

Abena said...

@Posekyere: *Yup* Another to add to my many other addictions such as coffee, chocolate and deep-friend octopus!