Monday, March 09, 2009

Fast-Food Ghana Style: Culinary Delights Part 3

After a very long day in the Volta Region today, we took a detour across the spectacular Adome Bridge in search of 'abollo'/'bodoo' (corn meal wrapped in banana-leaf) and shrimp. Eureka!! We were victorious! That is one thing I love about Ghana ; delicious culinary delights for relatively cheap.


patrick said...

@Abena that sure looks good,i love shrimps but at same time i am very allergic to most shell stuff ,but that don't stop me sometimes knowin i will breakout bad ..I am missin these local food stuffs they look very much did you pay for it.peace y'all..

Abena said...

Hey Patrick,
I totally hear you on the allergies..if my brother were to touch the shrimps he would be hit by hives, bloodshot eyes and possibly an asthma attack.
It cost me about GHC 2.40 which is equivalent to about $1.71...It was the shrimp that made it more expensive.

Anonymous said...

That looks DELICIOUS! Especially the shrimp. I dont even want to imagine how much that will cost in the US.

Abena said...

Mmmm....yes it was Anonymous!