Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Of Colds, Night-callers and 15 seconds of Fame!

Without a doubt, last week was difficult but full of learning experiences. First of all, I was down with a pesky cold and then Wednesday night there was a medical emergency at midnight and me feverishly driving the young lady who helps us around the house to a local hospital.

Thursday night was filled with even more drama with a 3am house-call by 3 members (in good standing) of the MWTAG (Machete Wielding Thieves Association of Ghana) who stopped by to unload us of our mobile phones. The experience was so harrowing that I can only make light of it. Friday was spent shuttling and providing monetary “breakfast” to trusty law enforcement officers just to get them to do that thing called their job.

The week ended well, I got props from Mr. Emmanuel Bensah in his Science/technology column in the Sunday World Newspaper. Thank you Emmanuel! My lovely national service person who picked up the newspaper for me said I shouldn't be too excited because my procrastinatory ways have been exposed in print. The young man should not worry since no names were given! The big bruv was so impressed that after the reading the article he said:

"Do you want me to have a blog?, I can have a blog, I can blog too!"

The big sis sent her props from South Africa. The whole family has checked out the blog. Would you believe my 11 and 14 year old nieces are internet aces and are on facebook?

So, I have decided to chronicle the lessons I learnt over the past week. From the Bradley Effect, YouTubing in government hospitals to adventures in the Volta River Authority heartland. Stay tuned!


C said...

MWTAG! Now that's really funny!

Abby said...

Hehehe!! For me the best way to deal with the trauma is to laugh it off! I'm just so grateful no-one was hurt.