Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Entertainment in Accra ?!

Lately, I have been bored out of my brains in my fair city of Accra and have been soliciting views from friends and coworkers on what their top 10 ways to amuse themselves in Accra are. So far I have found I'm not the only one seriously bored in this city! Here is my Top 10 list of ways to spend time in Accra:

  1. Hanging out at the Accra mall surrounded by all the 15 year olds in the land who are barely wearing clothing
  2. Hanging with friends drinking beer and eating kebabs at a seedy spot on the side of the road, blocking traffic and getting your ear-drums shot by blaring music …this seems to quite a popular activity among my fellow Ghanaians…
  3. Watching movies at Busy internet….mmm do they still show movies there?
  4. Hanging out at La Beach; if you don’t mind being solicited every 2 minutes by beach hawkers and hanging out with 1000 people, this might be your thing
  5. Hanging out at Accra mall…did I say that already? Eish! shows how much there is to do around here!
  6. Walking the vibrant streets of Osu going from restaurant to restaurant, bar to bar, club to club all while avoiding "narrow streets of cobbled stone"…well, not quite cobbled but narrow for sure
  7. Hanging out at a nightclub or lounge dancing and drinking...when you get to my age there is that slight problem of NOT being able to stay up past 10pm!
  8. Hanging at a hotel with friends drinking and listening to live music…is drinking like the only thing to around here?
  9. "Counting blue cars" while stuck in traffic..
  10. Out of ideas…care to go to the Accra mall anyone?

Well, my friend in Boston says that she is pretty bored up there maybe it is a general boredom spreading the globe. So my dear Random Internet Surfer, I'm collecting views on how you spend time in your fair town, city, village, hamlet where-ever you are!


Emmanuel.K.Bensah II said...

try ANyways, you're too right on things to do in Accra. We'll get there, thougH!

Abby said...

Thanks for the link! My friends say I'm prone to exaggeration about the lack of enterntainment in Accra...maybe they are a little right but it does feel this way lately.