Tuesday, July 19, 2005

okay so I got you here fellow PROCRASTINATOR!

Well I decided to change the name of my blog to truly reflect what I intend for it.
Perhaps I could even get a comment no matter how rude it is!

The reason for "procrastinator's paradise" is not because I have fun things for procrastinators like myself but because I am a procrastinator! I take that all back...I will have fun and tantalising treats for all all who go by the name of procrastinator! Mmm if this is going live I hope my spellings and grammar are all correct. I think I am losing the ability to write in my supposed first language English as I get older.

Anyway what am I procrastinating about? I have a master's dissertation to hand in two months so here i intend to post my progress. So far I am in an overwhelming abyss..I am thinking at the moment that I would prefer to be doing a dissertation in "Bollywood films: representations of culture and religion". Yes you guessed it! Another form of procrastination! After watching a string of classic Hindi/Bollywood movies, I somehow figured that I could understand Hindi without a lesson. Well that was until last night when my new found skill was sorely bruised. I watched a film without subtitles and had to rely solely on body talk!!

I think I like this blog thing....Nobody gets to read your blogs so you can write anything:)

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Abby said...

Well, there is always a way to get a comment...POST a COMMENT to your OWN posting! Don't you just hate the capitalization? oops and also Americanizations of words? Just got back from the big, beautiful home of the brave. So how do all you procrastinator's procrastinate?
Here are my top five in no particular order:
1. movies of all sorts even the most useless
2. The internet! news from home..
BBC, bollywood actors of late,IQ tests, American soaps, telenovelas
3.Blogging..well only really like today but this should be a habit!
4.Cooking a time-consuming storm
5.Hanging out and going out

Oh how my dissertation suffers!